Invitation from the ZNFU

Dear Agritech Expo participants,

Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU), together with its Expo partners, Golden Valley Agricultural Research Trust (GART) and Spintelligent are delighted to be hosting the 5th Agritech Expo at GART, Chisamba from 12th to 14th April 2018.

Agritech Expo Zambia has roundly become an apex stage which offers indelible solutions to the country’s discerning farmer needs, a window for technological escape that brings hope for the future, for the country’s and in turn the region’s food security.  It is the reason Agritech Zambia is touted as the country’s leading outdoor agriculture Expo.

For the fifth year running, Agritech Expo is unveiling latest industry trends, live crop demonstrations, efficiency promoting agro-machinery, irrigation options, and livestock production.

Agritech Expo 2018, however, brings out a distinct feature; “Aquaculture”; which will attract prominent fish farmers that have successfully navigated the industry in the region and beyond; another opportunity to obtain a wealth of information that will trigger diversification.

As the Expo continues bringing to life agriculture technological novelties helping Zambian farmers grow, a phenomenon running parallel to production growth, i.e. agricultural MARKETING, is posing a new challenge to Zambian agriculture, especially for small scale farmers. The country has experienced wilting markets resulting into plunged commodity prices. The more reason Agritech Expo 2018 will, going forward, attempt to bring the farmer closer to marketing solutions by holding intensive interactive training workshops where experts will walk farmers through strategies on how to access market information and how the small-scale farmer could be made smarter and modernised- simply put Agriteach! 

Agritech Expo 2018 thus offers exciting times; with foreign exhibitors’ participation and international pavilions continuing to grow, a clear indication that this platform is offering unfettered linkages that stir growth. 

Agritech Expo 2018 presents yet another opportunity for farmers at every level, agrodealers, machinists and agro-technologists and other vendors to share the best and smart practices that will best shape our agriculture for sound posterity.

This Agritech Expo affords all that life changing experience, and the 2018 Expo, once again, promises to be bigger and evolutionised.

Enjoy the Agritech Expo 2018.

Jervis Zimba
Zambia National Farmers’ Union