NEW in 2018

Mowing and baling demonstrations

For the first time, Agritech Expo 2018 will be showcasing live mowing demonstrations. This new demo area is focusing on quality mechanisation for mowing purposes and will give farming professionals the opportunity to view this equipment in action.

Aquaculture showcase

Aquaculture is a growing market in Sub-Saharan Africa and Agritech Expo 2018, will be showcasing the regions’ most prominent players in this field and will give the farming professionals attending the opportunity to learn more about this lucrative market and to explore new ways, in which to incorporate this practice into their farming operations.

Live planting demos

These demos provide the opportunity for companies to practically demonstrate how products work. Providing a live training demo plot to feature the best way to plant seeds with the right mix of agrochemicals and technology to attain solid yields.

Greenhouse showcase

Provides visitors a firsthand opportunity to see the effects and benefits of using a variety of seeds with fertilisers and pesticides to maximize yields.

Value added zone

Boosting commercial opportunities for farming operations by featuring the latest industry trends and solutions on ways to improve quality and enhance yields.