Farmers preview day roundtables


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Chairman: Calvin Kakoma, Head of Media Liason & PR, Zambia National Farmers Union, Zambia

Location: ZNFU Marquee


Accessing new markets: International countries ready for business with Zambia's large scale farmers

Representatives from international trade and investment promotion agencies of the various international pavilions represented at Agritech Expo Zambia 2018 to present. Each will present 3 minutes on what their countries seek interests of investment and what type of input assistance they can provide.

Countries invited to present: Czech Republic, E.U., Finland, France, Germany and Zimbabwe


Roundtables Discussions:

Stimulating discussions bringing industry leaders, large scale farmers, stakeholders and potential investors and donors within the public and private agricultural sector together for action plans to take place.

Main proposed point to discuss at each table: 

What are the challenges and practical solutions?

Objective: Steps for Zambia’s agricultural sector to profit and win from the opportunities that exist

·   Roundtable 1: Trade and export opportunities within SADC region and beyond

Moderator: George Magai, Chairman, Market and Regional Trade Networks, African Union Commission, Zambia


·   Roundtable 2: Bridging the gaps within the agricultural policy system 

Moderator: Fisho Mwale, Director, Zambia National Farmers Union, Zambia


·  Roundtable 3: Viable finance: Identifying the right lending schemes, packages and partners 

Moderator: To be confirmed


·   Roundtable 4: Risk mitigation: Measures available to safeguard productive yields and produce ensuring profits

Moderator: To be confirmed


Panel discussion: Roundtable outcomes and proposed solutions

Presented by roundtable moderators


Q&A Session


Network Lunch alongside a live mowing and baling demonstration (by invite only)

Download the event brochure here