Event features

Machinery demonstrations | Construction park | 4x4 Test track | Crop trials | Energy park | International pavillions | Sprayers arena | Indoor expo | Irrigation Zone | Livestock Zone | Centre pivot display | Interactive training workshops | Commercial farmers workshops | SMEs Zone |  VIP business lounge | Aquaculture showcase | Mowing and baling demonstrations | Agroprocessing Zone |

Agritech organise machinery demonstration

Machinery demonstrations

The machinery demonstrations are always an exciting attraction at Agritech Expo Zambia and is a great display of versatility and capability by leading machinery suppliers. 

Agritech set up a construction park

Construction Park

The Construction Park is a welcomed addition to Agritech Expo Zambia and offers visitors a selection of quality construction equipment to suit their agricultural needs.

Visitor could try vehicules in the 4x4 test track

4x4 Test Track

The exciting and challenging 4x4 Test Track gives visitors the opportunity to test their skills or simply be driven around the track and experience the capability and manoeuvrability of high-end utility vehicles.

Crop trials at Agritech

Crop Trials

Visitors are able to view the yields of seeds planted in 2015 from a variety of seed producers and respective agro chemicals companies. For the first time in Africa, a centre pivot display was featured at the 2016 show with an additional 6 crop trials.

Energy park is installed at Agritech

Energy Park

The Energy Park was introduced in 2016 and offers innovative ways to get off the grid amidst the power crisis unfolding in the region.

International Pavillions will be represented at Agritech

International Pavillions

Agritech has become an internationally acclaimed event, boasting over 34 countries being represented onsite. The upcoming show will see international pavilions being created from countries such as Germany, France, UK & Zimbabwe. This will give attendees the opportunity to view and discuss products from outside their local market.

Sprayer demonstrations by leading industry suppliers at Agritech

Sprayers Arena

Visitors are treated to impressive sprayer demonstrations by leading industry suppliers such as John Deere, Massey Fergusson, SARO and South House. This is the ideal opportunity to learn about the features and specifications accross a variey of options.

Indoor expo at Agritech

Indoor Expo

The indoor expo showcases a variety of local and international agri suppliers looking to expand their footprint in sub-Saharan Africa.

Irrigation systems will be presented in a irrigation zone

Irrigation Zone

The Irrigation Zone displayed a variety of irrigation systems and farming solutions, including centre pivot displays for commercial and small-scale farmers from leading industry suppliers.

Livestock zone display services and species of livestok

Livestock Zone

The Livestock Zone incorporates various breeders who display their livestock services, species of livestock including goats, cows and sheep, as well as animal feeds and veterinary services.

Presentation of centre pivot at Agritech

Centre pivot display

Agritech Expo Zambia is the first agri focused event in Africa to showcase a live centre pivot as part of the show. This will give commercial farming professionals the ability to see the different growth rates of various crops under centre pivot irrigation, which is an integral part of their farming practice and methods.

Interactive training workshop are presented by experts

Interactive training workshops

The technical workshops are presented by industry experts and focus on modernising small-scale farmers. These workshops provide access to market information and innovations from the latest financial loan models to new agri solutions.

Innovative solutions are presented in the commercial farmers workshops

Commercial farmers workshops

The commercial farmers workshops focus on innovative solutions and initiatives to increase productivity under challenging market conditions. 

SME are represented in a reserved zone

SME Zone

The SME Zone is a cost-effective designed area for local based companies to participate in the event and to engage with farming professionals, without having to create a large display area.

The best place for networking is the VIP Business Lounge

VIP Business Lounge

This exclusive area of the event is specifically geared for VIP farmers, government officials, policy makers and media officials to network and conduct meetings, directly with suppliers to the market and vendor companies.

Aquaculture has got its own showcase at Agritech

Aquaculture showcase

Aquaculture is a growing market in Sub-Saharan Africa and Agritech Expo 2017, will be showcasing the regions’ most prominent players in this field and will give the farming professionals attending the opportunity to learn more about this lucrative market and to explore new ways, in which to incorporate this practice into their farming operations.

Mowing and baling demonstration at Agritech

Mowing demonstrations

For the first time, Agritech 2017 will be showcasing live mowing demonstrations. This new demo area is focusing on quality mechanisation for mowing purposes and will give farming professionals the opportunity to view this equipment in action

Agritech Expo Zambia is completely free to attend. All you need to do is register your visitor pass online now