FARM UTILITY VEHICLE INTERVIEW: “Zambia will be a new gateway for Flying Star to move like a tidal wave across the southern regions of Africa”

1)      Welcome to Agritech Expo Zambia! How important is this event on the agri calendar in Zambia?
Thank you for having us at this esteemed expo. Well, this expo will be the farthest south we have been to start a new market in the southern part of Africa, which Zambia will be a new gateway for Flying Star to move like a tidal wave across the southern regions of Africa.

2)      Tell us more about your products and services and how you are making a difference in the agri sector?
The "F.U.V." (Farm Utility Vehicle) is a life changing machine. Why I say that is because we have seen it literally change the lives of small and medium farmer across Asia and parts of East and West Africa. It has changed Thailand’s small farmers from local sales around the village to becoming commercial suppliers of agriculture for around the world.

Flying Star products have been in business for over 60 years, I am the second generation of management of our company as we are a family business. Flying Star has been producing The "F.U.V." for over 50 years and till this day it is still our main product of business.

3)      Do you have a specific target market?
Yes we do, Flying Star are looking for the  local partners that are willing to do the marketing, have after sales service and keep spare parts on stock for the Small and Medium farmers.

4)      Where in Africa are you active?
Currently Flying Star is in Mali, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, and Mozambique.

5)      Can you give us some highlights for your company during 2018.
Flying Star had an amazing year as we pushed into Nigeria and made great strides in that West African market. When we do field demonstrations the people’s faces just light up and they see that The F.U.V. is really making a big impact on their lives.

6)      How important is Zambia and the region for you?
As I mentioned earlier, Zambia will be a good gateway for Flying Star to start to push the market from inside the southern region of Africa.

7)      What are some of the exciting plans and projects in the offing for this year?
Flying Star will be setting up a new mini factory in Tanzania and Nigeria. Also looking to start moving Flying Star products into Ethiopia, Liberia, Benin, Uganda and hopefully Zambia. haha

8)   What in your view are the main challenges in the agricultural sector in Zambia currently?
Zambia is like most of African countries, for small and medium farmers, they need help with the right mechanization that will fit with their lives at a certain stage. These farmers need to use equipment that is reliable and affordable. A cheap or very low cost equipment could actually do more harm than good for those farmers in the long term and be a burden instead of being a benefit. Farmers need small or soft loans from financial institutions, govt., NGOs, or any other methods that can help them acquire good mechanization. With good equipment they can work to earn money to pay back their loans and move on to changing their lives.

9)   How important is cooperation between the agri sector and government?
It can be really amazing as Thailand is a good example of the partnership between government and the farmers. With this establishment, the Government has the power to pull the country together to move forward in the right direction with the right intentions to creating sustainable food supply.

10)  You are a bronze sponsor at this year’s Agritech Expo Zambia in April, what will be your message at the event?
This is Flying Star’s first appearance at Agritech Expo Zambia and I am confident we will do great things while just in the bronze section. Imagine what amazing things we will be doing in the Silver or Gold sections.

Come on out get first-hand knowledge about the "F.U.V." (Farm Utility Vehicle) from Thailand and how we changed the lives of so many farmers in the last 50 + years. Come on out get in line to change your life!!!!