AgriTEACH: Interactive and free-to-attend workshops

Upskilling opportunities available for your farm operations, workforce and small scale farmers, prepare to flourish tomorrow by accessing the tools and skills today!

Venue, dates and times:

11 April: Farmer’s Preview Day with a VIP agenda: Targeted at Large Scale Farmers, industry leaders and VIPS
*Limited seating. RSVP is vital.

12-13 April: AgriTeach: Interactive workshops: Two days of skills development targeted at small scale farmers

NEW in 2019: Increased workshop zones

AgriTEACH workshop areas will cover

  • Machinery & equipment
  • Irrigation
  • Crops
  • Livestock
  • Finance

Contact Zayeen Daniels on +27 21 700 3570 to discuss opportunities to participate in the AgriTEACH workshop programme!