NEW COUNTRY PAVILION INTERVIEW: “Italy has all the technology and know-how that Zambia needs to build a much stronger agricultural base.”

1)     Welcome to Agritech Expo Zambia, this time as an exhibitor! Why the decision to partner with us?
This is our first participation in Agitech. I visited the expo last year together with the Italian Association of agricultural machinery manufacturers (FederUnacoma). We found it a well-organized exhibition, up to international standards and worth proposing to Italian companies working in the industry to give them an opportunity to explore a new interesting market.

2)     What products or projects will the Italian country pavilion display at Agritech Expo Zambia this year?
It will mostly be agricultural equipment, implements and components such as planters, irrigation pumps, spare parts and so on.

3)     Which companies will be represented on the Italian pavilion?

There will be three individual companies, namely Ama Group, Matermacc and Annovi Reverberi, and one consortium - Cermac - representing seven more companies. So 10 companies will be present or represented altogether.

4)     What makes the agricultural sector in Zambia exciting for Italian companies? What are the opportunities?
The market has potential because Zambia, besides being a stable country, is endowed with fertile land and abundant water resources. As I said, this is a first time for Italian companies and the prospect of opening up a new market is certainly exciting for them.

5)     And are there particular skills that Italian agri experts can share with Zambian farmers?
Italy has an age-old tradition in agriculture and commercial farming. Machinery manufacturers often come from the same areas of end users and their equipment is the result of a long-standing interaction with them. Over the decades these companies have extended their reach internationally and have now all the know-how and expertise to help boost Zambian agriculture.

6)     How important is Agritech Expo as an annual forum for the farming sector in this region?
It is extremely important in that it brings first-class technology solutions on the doorstep of local farmers, from Italy as well as from other countries, which would be much more difficult for them to see without an internationally recognized expo like Agritech.

7)     This is not your normal agri show, this is really taking place in the agri hub of Zambia, what are you most looking forward to in April....
I hope our companies will have a very good opportunity to understand the market, both of Zambia and surrounding countries, paving the way for their entry into the area in the near future.

8)     What will be your message at Agritech Expo this year?

Our message is simple: Italy is ranked third in the world in terms of both manufacture and export of agricultural machinery, with a value of USD 10-billion and USD 5-billion respectively. Italy has all the technology and know-how that Zambia needs to build a much stronger agricultural base.

9)     Anything you would like to add?

We would like to start a long-lasting relationship with the industry in Zambia. I would like to invite especially those farmers or dealers who do not know much about Italian agricultural machinery to visit our pavilion and talk to us and the Italian Association FederUnacoma to understand the huge potential this Italian industry represents for them.