GERMAN PAVILION INTERVIEW: “The Zambian–German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre (AKTC) at GART provides hands-on training on modern agricultural equipment”

1)      Welcome back to Agritech Expo! We are thrilled to have you back. How was your experience at the event last year?
Last year DLG participated for the fifth time. This clearly shows our interest in the Zambian market and that of the exhibitors. Altogether we were able to inspire 14 companies, mainly from the animal husbandry sector, to accept the offer of our Ministry of Agriculture to participate in the official German pavilion as exhibitors.

2)     What exciting new products or projects will the German pavilion display at Agritech this year?
In 2019, good partners who already participated last year will take part in the fair again. Relatively new is a company that represents slaughterhouse technology which has certainly not been on offer in its present form at the trade expo. But the dairy cowshed construction sector is also interesting and could attract private investors in order to achieve high yields with the latest technology and knowledge. Or a company that works in ensiling in silage bags. This is an efficient, flexible and environmentally compatible technology for the preservation and storage of feed in a specially developed film tube. All companies are already internationally successful in Africa.

There is also a special project I would like to mention which is part of the German Pavilion: The Zambian–German Agricultural Knowledge and Training Centre (AKTC) is a bilateral cooperation project within the bilateral co-operation programme of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The project is located in Zambia’s Chibombo district at the Golden Valley Research Trust (GART) premises.

AKTC provides hands-on trainings on modern agricultural equipment and adopted crop production systems for grain and potatoes in order to contribute to an increased yield. The trainings emphasize the sustainable usage of natural resources and are open to all players in the agricultural industry. However, the major target groups are the students and lecturers of agricultural universities and colleges as well as the emergent farmers’ country wide.

3)     Which companies will be represented on the German pavilion?
The German Pavilion will host companies from many fields of agriculture. Some are into agri machinery, others are involved in animal husbandry with the constructing of barns for example, fertilizers and crop protection, water pumps, solar technology, meat processing, animal identification and setting up trade fairs and providing project management and consultancy services. Please visit us.

So far the following companies are confirmed to be at Agritech Expo Zambia:
1. Bayer CropScience
2. Zimmermann Stalltechnik
3. Renner Schlachthaustechnik
4. DLG International GmbH
5. SUNSET Energietechnik GmbH
6. Caisley International GmbH                                                                                             
7. KSB                                                                                                                             
8. Bag Budissa                                                                                                  

4)      What makes the agricultural sector in Zambia exciting for the German companies that sells agri machinery/livestock equipment?
The country still has a stable policy environment, which means the government supports the agricultural sector and promotes commercial farming. We see contrary tendencies happening just in South Africa or already in the past in Zimbabwe. Commercial or emerging farmers are more likely to invest in a  country with stable policies. Zambia is still a good place to grow crops and raise animals. There is enough fresh water for irrigation.

5)      How important is Agritech Expo as an annual forum for the farming sector in this region?
Well, it’s indeed Zambia’s leading professional agriculture trade fair. A very solid agriculture platform in Zambia showcasing advanced farming mechanisation implements, seed varieties, plant protection and fertilizers, irrigation tools and animal husbandry equipment and much more… like solar technologies. Agritech Expo is contributing to the future of the Zambian farmer.

6)      What will be your message at Agritech Expo Zambia this year?
Mechanisation is the key to the farming business of the 21st century and will definitely have positive effects like higher outputs, generate more income for the farmer itself and the society.

When it comes to the buying of inputs and equipment, the label ‘Made in Germany’ is one that evokes perceptions of quality, efficiency and trust. We would like to encourage the Zambian farmers to have a look around in the German Pavilion as well to the many other German companies around on the campus to purchase the best tailor-made solutions for their businesses. Our companies will assist you with expert knowledge and their competence.

Finally, we would like to thank ZNFU and GART as well as the organising company Spintelligent for all the years of excellent and trusting cooperation.